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For convenience, portability, and compact storage,
nothing beats the MaxJax!


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MaxJax Motorcycle Adapter

The MaxJax Motorcycle Adapter is a two-post lifting system that makes working on your motorcycles at home simple and convenient.
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Optional Epoxy Grip Anchor Bolt Kit

These high-performance drop-in anchor bolts are great for bolting down vehicle lifts and other heavy equipment. Kit includes 10 anchors and 2 tubes of epoxy.
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RD-9G - 9 gallon Oil Drainer

This 9 gallon portable and collapsible oil drain is designed to be functional, durable and affordable. A built-in oil screen ensures that no debris will end up in the oil reservoir, and an oil level indicator lets the user know when it is full.
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Rolling Work Seat

The Rolling Work Seat will prove to be a great accessory for every DIY'er or backyard mechanic.
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